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Op.Dr.Orhan Murat Özdemir Estetik, Plastik ve Rekonstrüktif Cerrahi Uzmanı ArtPlast Estetik Cerrahi Kliniği Kurucusu Op.Dr.Orhan Murat Özdemir Estetik, Plastik ve Rekonstrüktif Cerrahi Uzmanı ArtPlast Estetik Cerrahi Kliniği Kurucusu

Our plastic surgery clinic which serves on Ugur Mumcu Street at number 14, Ankara since 2002, continues to serve in a high quality, healthy and trusted environment with a new face.

Aesthetics has been important in all areas of our life. Good-looking and healthy appearance has become a necessity not a luxury for both male and female in almost every age and in all income level and social situation. Small touches and prospective advices, if necessary surgical operation of plastic surgery aims to protect against negative effects of gravity and time.

Exaggerated plastic surgery period is closed. Outcomes of natural, not attracting notice surgical intervention (face-lifting, nose job (rhinoplasty), breast enlargement (breast augmentation)) and applications (lip augmentation etc) has started to gain acceptance. Plastic surgery that was once considered as taboo in our society now begins to accept and consider as necessity in almost all areas. Turkish Esthetics and Plastic Surgeons played a significant role in this success. Obtained natural results also played a major role on the change of our society. Remember that many people around you who look well and beautiful, received some small supports definitely. Even if there is no intervention, they used a good moisturizer and sunscreen.

Consequently, we all deserve to good-looking and beautiful appearence. To obtain accurate information and keep some time for ourselves (at least time to spend for your car) will be enough to achieve of this. Plastic surgery applications are classified into two groups which are performed in clinical (by local anesthesia) and hospital (by general anesthesia) environments.

Aesthetics surgery applications such, aesthetic filler (lip augmentation, reduction of wrinkles), laser applications (laser epilation, laser facial rejuvenation, laser skin tightening, laser tatoo removal, laser spot removal, treating dark under-eye circles by laser etc.), Thermage CPT (Face and neck firming, eyelid firming), Thermage BODY (arm tightening, abdominal skin tightening, knee and thigh tightening, butt tightening), IAL (skin freshness and vitality restoring), Bioexpander (adding volume to face regions such as cheek, cheekbone and chin), Permalip (Permanent lip filling) are performed in clinical environment.

Esthetics surgery applications such as nose job (rhinoplasty), otoplasty (prominent ear), eyelid surgery (blefaroplasti), hair transplantation (FUE), face and neck lift surgery (face neck lift), breast enlargement (augmentation mammoplasti), breast lifting (mastopexy), breast reduction (reduction mammoplastie), gynecomastia (treatment of male breast enlargement), liposuction (degreasing operation),VASER CSS, VASER STOP SWEET (treatment of permanent excessive armpit sweat), VASER Liposelection, abdomen lifting (abdominoplasty), abdomen lifting (mini abdominoplasty), legs thickening are performed in operating room environment.

You may be asked to spend average 7-15 days for plastic surgery applications, not to get on the plane at least 7 days, not swim for one month, wear special corsets and not to do physical exercise. Following your doctor’s advices affects your healing process positively. Anyone wants to receive plastic surgery should consider prescribed durations by doctors instead of theirselves. Eventually, plastic surgery interventions are not vital and mandatory. They are arbitrary procedures.

My usual recommendation to my patients is not to try to shorten length of follow-up periods that i wanted, because the more they try to shorten this duration, the more they faced with problems. To overcome of this process together and patiently is the best. Some applications such as non-surgical rhinoplasty, non-surgical prominent ear treatment, fat injection, cavitation, cellulite therapy, mesotherapy, oxygen therapy, carboxytherapy, ozone therapy etc. do not carry out in our clinic. Real applications which have exactly predictable results, proven effectiveness and not to create great expectations for patient are preferred.

Op.Dr.Orhan Murat Özdemir
Estetik, Plastik ve Rekonstrüktif Cerrahi Uzmanı